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our mission

Our Mission is to provide individualized, client-centered services which inspire and provide clients with an opportunity to thrive and succeed in their home environment as well as in everyday life.


Tutti Music Group is passionate about providing services to the greater Denver Metro community as well as advocating for individuals and for music therapy. Movement (music-therapy) Services are delivered in home or via teletherapy.

We also utilize ASL and collaborate with other service providers to provide more opportunities for continuity of care and success. 

our passion


Meet president & music therapist

Rashida K. Dick, MM, MT-BC, Neurologic music therapist
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Rashida Dick holds a Master’s Degree in Music Therapy from Illinois State University, a Bachelor’s of Music from Central State University and was certified in Neurologic Music Therapy.

Rashida started Tutti Music Group, LLC in 2018 after two years working in Colorado as a Board Certified Music Therapist. She moved to Colorado with that intention in mind after completing a one year internship which focused on individuals with developmental disabilities. This internship and her studies at Illinois State led to the core beliefs of TMG.


 All individuals can achieve success when a group of people come together to meet them at their level to support and elevate them. The name Tutti comes from the Italian word from all or everyone. A common music term, it is meant to bring the ensemble together. That’s why we’re “Tutti for one, and one for Tutti.”

andrea villarin, bs, mt-bc

Meet music therapist


Andrea grew up in Houston, Texas. Coming from a musical family, Andrea quickly developed a passion for music. Mornings soon became filled with orchestra rehearsals, and church performances on the weekends. After completing her basics, Andrea transitioned to Texas Women’s University, where she pursued a career in Music Therapy. Andrea completed her internship at a VA hospital in Georgia, and returned to Texas to work as a private contractor under her new title, MT-BC. 


For two years Andrea traveled to her client’s homes, and provided 1-1 music therapy sessions. Soon after, Andrea transitioned to the married life, and moved with her partner to beautiful Colorado. Andrea currently holds a per diem position at a behavioral health hospital, as she expands her practice with Tutti Music Group. 


Andrea’s favorite instrument to play is the drums. Her favorite past time is going camping with her partner and ESA dog, and her favorite quote is “creativity takes courage” by Henri Matisse. Andrea is also available for services in English and Spanish.